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The SWAG oxygen challenge is about
creating a positive change in your life.

· We all have room to grow and expand.

· We all have that inner spark of greatness.
· We all have talents and abilities
that we haven’t reached for yet.

· We challenge you to step outside
of your comfort zone.

· We challenge you to stop wasting
your precious time and instead
focus on living presently involved
in the moment, one day at a time.

· We challenge you to get yourself
excited about your life and feed
off that created energy.

· We challenge you to maximize your
potential and become the best you.

· We challenge you to stop procrastinating
and making excuses in life and instead
start today on those goals of yours.
If not now then when?

By working on ourselves, positive change
will happen slowly and steady.
When your energy levels are down,
take a deep breath and use
to replenish, refuel and




Example challenges

Listed below are some example
SWAG oxygen challenges that you
can try or you can create your own.

There are hundreds of potential challenges.
Be creative and test yourself.

· Start a new lifestyle change:
(eat healthier, start excising, lose weight, etc.)

· Learn a new sport
(football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis,
hockey, bowling, etc.)

· Do something fun/adventurous
(sky diving, scuba diving, camping, surfing, jet skiing,
swim with dolphins, helicopter ride, etc.)

· Learn to play a musical instrument
(guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, violin, flute, etc.)

· Learn a new activity
(singing, dancing, cooking, painting,
photography, graphic design, etc.)

· Start a giving goal/Do acts of kindness
(fund a worthy cause, volunteer your time,
do something selfless, etc.)

· Quit an addiction
(smoking, drinking, gambling, etc.)

· Create a new you
(get a new hair style
, tighten up your wardrobe,
waxing, manicure/pedicure, spa, etc.)

· Start a new family goal:
(get married, have kids, etc.)

· Start a new financial goal:
(open up a retirement account, start saving $x amount
of dollars each paycheck, pay off credit card(s) balance,
get out of debt, start an emergency fund, etc.)

· Do something creative
(write a book, start a blog, create a song, etc.)

· Start a business goal
(start a new career,
start a business,
start your college/vocational education, etc.)

· Be a better;
(son/daughter, husband/wife, parent,
friend, worker, etc.)

· Start an exercise goal
(weight training, pilates, zumba, yoga,
spinning, kickboxing, etc.) 

· Learn a foreign language
(spanish, portuguese, russian, french, italian, chinese,etc.) 

· Travel to a new destination
(explore your city, state, country and foreign destinations)

· Learn a new skill
(talking in front of group of people, self help programs,
computer skills, cooking, gardening, do-it-yourself projects,
play music instrument, singing, the list goes on and on...)



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