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Personal Oxygen Bar
For Home, Office and On The Go




Make Unlimited Amounts of Oxygen in the
comfort of Your Home, at Work and On The Go

This machine can produce the equivalent of over 100,000 SWAG oxygen canisters a year.

Lightweight and Portable
Only $399 and includes FREE Shipping!
(Similar lightweight/portable machines can cost up to $2,500)

Small one time investment to save a lot of money $$$
Oxygen machine runs on electricity that consumes only a few cents an hour

Your Own Personal Oxygen Bar

The Personal Oxygen Bar is designed for individuals that use a lot of supplemental oxygen and need a more economical option for use around the house, at work and on the go. The machine produces supplemental oxygen that can be adjusted according to your particular preferences from 30% - 90% pure oxygen.

Traditionally, oxygen bars are located in malls, airports, bars, casinos, coffee houses, health clubs, nightclubs, resorts, restaurants, spas, ski chalets, tanning salons and yoga studios. They can also be found at trade shows, conventions and corporate meetings, as well as at private parties and promotional events.

Oxygen bars charge about $1 per minute to inhale supplemental oxygen that is greater than the air that we breathe, which is 21%. This oxygen is produced from the ambient air by an oxygen concentrator (non-medical) and inhaled through a nasal cannula (rubber tube apparatus that fits around the ears and inserts in the nostrils, to breathe in the oxygen). Average oxygen bar sessions last for about 20 minutes.

The Personal Oxygen Bar allows you from the comfort of your house, at work and on the go to experience all the benefits of an oxygen bar for a fraction of the cost.

Product Demonstration


The Personal Oxygen Bar is one of the lightest, quietest, energy efficient
and best priced portable oxygen concentrators available in
























Car Inverter
(Sold Separately)

Use oxygen machine in your car to combat traveling fatigue.

Inverter contains the required wattage to operate oxygen machine.

You can also use inverter to power your other corded devices (laptops, lights, etc.) and has dual USB charging ports (max 3.1a). Great for charging your phone, tablets, kindle, game console, iPad
and other electronic devices.

Mufti-Protection: safe charging design provides protection against overheating, under/over voltage charging, short circuiting, overloads, and overcharging.



2nd Person Kit (Sold Separately)

Oxygen machine can be used by a 2nd person simultaneously.

Kit contains additional headset and nasal oxygen types and connector to connect oxygen lines together.



Personal Oxygen Bar Features:

Up to 90% pure oxygen
1-6 Liters a minute settings, 30%-90% adjustable oxygen concentration

Intelligent Control
Large LED color screen, Easy to operate, Timer operation settings

Lightweight and portable
Weighs 11.5 pounds

Consumes little electricity
Only a few cents an
hour to run machine

Run machine continuous
24/7 oxygen flow settings

Inhale oxygen comfortable
Includes headset and nasal tubing

Machine operates quietly
Under 50 decibels

Operate from a distance
Comes with remote control

Competitively priced
Similar lightweight machines
can cost up to $2,500

1 or 2 users at same time
2nd person accessory
kit sold separately

Built-In Humidifier bottle
Adds water to oxygen so mouth does not get dry from long term use

Built-In Spray function
Use machine also as a nebulizer.
Nebulizer mask kit sold separately

Built-In Anion function
When you turn on this feature, machine will purifier the oxygen, removing dust and airborne particles.

Use machine in your car
to combat traveling fatigue.

Car inverter sold separately and contains required wattage.

1 Year Warranty
Repair or replace machine
if not working properly.


Customer Testimonials




Nebulizer Mask Kit
(Sold Separately)

Oxygen machine has built in spray function so you can also use as a Nebulizer.

Comes with 7 ft (2.1m) oxygen tubing
Provides fast and effective delivery
Locks with turn and is spill proof
Not Made with natural rubber latex
Capacity of 5 cc/ml is conveniently graduated on cup



The Personal Oxygen Bar is not a prescription or a medical device. It is for recreational purposes only. It is not a substitute for individuals who have been prescribed Medical Oxygen (99% Purity) for health reasons.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




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